What is Copper Silver Ionisation?

27 Sep 2023 17:10

What is Copper Silver Ionisation?

Process of dosing Copper and Silver ions into flowing water.

  • Ions generated from high purity metal electrodes by passing precisely controlled electric current through the system.
  • Current is regulated and dictated by the rate and volume of water passing through the system ensuring exact and consistent levels of Copper and Silver are introduced.

The ions of Copper and Silver are biocidally active

  • Ensure eradication of harmful and pathogenic microbes.

The levels of Copper and Silver used are completely non-toxic, completely non-corrosive and completely safe.

The ONLY disinfection modality proven effective in the long term control of microbial populations in water systems.

Factors that can lead to legionella colonisation in systems:

  • Biofilm is ubiquitous – All distribution networks have Biofilm
  • Bacterial loading of incoming supply.
  • Temperature
  • Pipe Material
  • System age
  • System complexity
  • Water quality – Organics, Scale…
  • More……


Why Copper Silver Ionisation?

A Unique Disinfection Modality

  • Safe Controlled Disinfection
  • Full Residual Activity
  • The only technology proven to deal with biofilm
  • Cost Effective
  • No Chemical Storage, Handling or Training
  • Easy to Service and Monitor


How does a Copper Silver Ionisation System work?

Silver acts in different ways on microscopic organisms.

Known to affect bacteria in six ways thus making it a multi-active and potent antibacterial agent:

  • Silver effects the sulphur based enzymes on which bacteria use to grow
  •  Silver prevents bacteria making protein
  • Silver denatures DNA so cells can’t multiply
  • Silver inhibits bacteria’s ability to respire.
  • Silver makes the bacterial cells permeable
  • Copper acts in a similar manner



Long Term Benefits of Copper Silver Ionisation: 

  • No harmful by-products, eco-friendly, and safe
  • Minimal maintenance for your team
  • Residual protection
  • No corrosive effects
  • Better for your budget

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