The EnviroWater Group is a leader in industrial water technology solutions. Headquartered in Rossdorf, near Darmstadt, EnviroWater has been in business for 45 years. They have steadily built a multi-national presence and now employ 750 people across their operations in 16 different countries.  They are owned by Skion Water and supply sustainable system solutions worldwide for all the tasks involved in industrial water treatment and the treatment of process water, circulation water, cooling water, boiler water and wastewater.

In late 2020 EnviroWater acquired IWM. EnviroWater was keen to extend its service offering and market share internationally in the water hygiene and water sectors and saw the acquisition of IWM as being fundamental to this. EnviroWater appreciate IWM’s pioneering work in the areas of legionella treatment and risk analysis and consider this acquisition a means to make similar offers in Europe and beyond.

According to Jörg Krause, CEO of EnviroWater, “The acquisition of IWM is an important element of our growth strategy for service offerings. WE are broadening the regional scope of our business in Europe and thus further reducing our dependency on individual regions. The open, down-to-earth and innovative corporate culture of IWM fits very well with our culture. We look forward to a successful cooperation.”

For IWM it means that they now have the support of a major European organisation which will help them to consolidate their position market. They will now have access to new technologies which will help them make new and more innovative offers to their public and private sector clients.

Conor O’Donovan, Managing Director of IWM, was delighted with the new alliance and said: “The high level of competence and diverse experience of the experts at EnviroWater Group will enhance IWM’s capacity in providing comprehensive support to our customers in Ireland. We are also proud to bring our expertise, specifically in water hygiene and legionella treatment, to the customers of our new colleagues.”

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