Our comprehensive and effective water treatment programmes keep your industrial plant and equipment free from scale deposits, corrosion and bacteria, thereby reducing downtime and maximising lifespan.

Since our foundation in 1974, we have been manufacturing our own chemical products – certified by the LCA and NACE – onsite at our own premises for Cooling Towers, Steam Boilers and Closed Circuits.   We also supply a range of control, storage and dosing equipment to ensure that optimum chemical reserves are maintained in the treated water.

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Benefits of IWM’s Water Treatment Services

By using our Water Treatment Services you are:

  1. Extending the lifespan of your cooling towers, steam boilers and closed circuits
  2. Increasing the efficiency of your cooling towers, steam boilers and closed circuits
  3. Assured of a steady supply of chemicals to support your water treatment programmes. As we are the only water treatment company to manufacture our own chemicals we are unaffected by the supply chain issues caused by Brexit.
  4. Guaranteeing that your plant and equipment are ready for use post pandemic
  5. Complying with HSE and HSA regulations and guidelines.
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Our Range of Water Hygiene Services

Due to our recent alliance with EnviroChemie we now provide full, site-wide, water treatment programmes that ensure that you are compliant with the relevant guidelines and legislation.

Cooling Towers
Our comprehensive water treatment programme for Cooling Towers maximises their lifespan, ensures their safe operation and minimises water loss and energy usage. This programme will eliminate Cooling Tower water issues from your facility manager’s daily workload. It also ensures that you are compliant with HSPC Guidelines and HSG 274 Regulations.

Steam Boilers
Our Steam Boiler water treatment programme guarantees that you are compliant with BS2486 standards and minimises water loss and energy usage. We carry out a comprehensive pre-treatment programme. This helps us to diagnose and determine the correct chemicals to use for the particular environment as well as the appropriate dosing arrangement. We also conduct monthly on-site water analysis to ensure that we understand the nature of the changing steam requirements.

Closed Circuits
The majority of cooling and heating processes revolve around the water contained in the Closed Circuits that all industrial facilities operate in the background. Our water treatment programmes minimise the corrosion and bacterial infections in these circuits, which is essential to maintaining the systems energy transfer efficiency. We are founding members of the Closed Systems Control Association (CSCA) and hold NACE certification.

Water Treatment Chemicals
We provide a comprehensive range of chemical products for all aspects of a water treatment programme. We produce these chemicals on-site which means that we are exposed to the supply chain issues that have manifested in this industry as a result of Brexit. For boilers we provide a range of oxygen scavengers, phosphate, polymers and amines. For Cooling towers we provide inhibitors and biocides and for closed systems we provide corrosion inhibitors and biocides. We deliver these chemicals straight to the storage tank so that you and your staff do not have to handle the chemicals.

Dosing and Control Equipment
The control of chemical additives to the system being treated is central to all water treatment programmes. We carry a complete range of dosing pumps, chemical storage tanks and bunded tanks – 50 litre to 1,000 litre. We can also design bespoke dosing systems.


Kieran McGuinness (Water Treatment Manager)
Email: kmcg@iwm.ie