Service & Support

Industrial Water Management Ltd. provide a fully trained and competent team of service engineers that offer servicing on a wide range of industrial, healthcare & laboratory water purification equipment used in various sectors. We provide comprehensive maintenance contracts which are tailored to the clients needs and standards that they are required to meet.

Our goal has always been to support the customer’s overall business requirements rather than just individual items of equipment.

IWM can source and supply all necessary components, filters, media, RO membranes & UV lamps for any water purification system.

Service and technical support is critical for the on-going maintenance of any system, ensuring the system operates effectively and efficiently at all times.

Our service offerings are as follows:

  • Preventative maintenance contract
  • Call out options
  • Tailored made service contract options
  • Fully inclusive service & consumable contracts
  • Out of hours contact number
  • Technical support
  • Troubleshooting & fault finding


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a physical removal technology relying on a semi-permeable membrane and correct operating pressures to physically separate and remove a broad range of contaminants such as organics, inorganics and bacteria from the water supply.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System

The semi-permeable membrane gives 2 water streams, permeate (purified water) which is typically stored in a reservoir prior to use & concentrate (waste water) which goes to drain.

Industrial Water Management Ltd can supply a range of Reverse Osmosis Systems for various applications such as healthcare, laboratory, dental clinics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage.

  • For healthcare our RO systems are designed to meet HSE Code of Practice for Decontamination of RIMD & EN15883 -1&4
  • For pharmaceutical our systems are designed to meet USP standards complete with full IQ/OQ documentation.

Furthermore, we can supply RO membranes for laboratory and industry applications.

Water Softeners

The function of Ion exchange water is to remove hardness commonly known as limescale from water. Removal of scale forming calcium and magnesium ions from hard water prevents scale deposition.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

A standard water softener has 3 major components:

  1. Resin Vessel
  2. Brine tank to hold salt
  3. Valve Controller

Resin vessels contain cation exchange resin. During normal service the multivalent calcium (Ca++) and magnesium (Mg++) ions displace the sodium (Na+) ions. When most of the sodium ions have been replaced by calcium and magnesium ions, the resin is exhausted & must be regenerated.

Softener is regenerated with concentrated salt solution which displaces the calcium and magnesium ions which are flushed to drain. Resin is regenerated and the softener is able to remove hardness ions again.

Industrial Water Management Ltd. can supply various types of softeners, simplex, duplex and triplex depending on hardness and volume of water to be treated.

Iron & Manganese Removal Filters
Iron and Manganese are commonly found in water. They can cause unsightly staining and at high levels they can cause health problems. Both can be removed to leave the water crystal clear. Some medias will also remove the hardness which can cause scaling at the same time with no extra pre-treatment.

Iron & Manganese Removal Media

Manganese Dioxide
Manganese oxide can be used for iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide removal by oxidation. It requires a pH of 7 or more for iron removal and 8 for manganese removal plus a dissolved oxygen level of at least 15% of the iron and manganese content. It needs a high backwash flow rate to remove the oxidised iron and manganese. Trade name products such as Filox-R are manganese dioxide based.

Crystal Right
Crystal Right works by an ion exchange process which removes iron, manganese and hardness. The minimum pH requirement is 6.0 and Crystal Right will raise the pH in acidic waters. It’s at its best on clear water, i.e. when the iron/manganese are in a dissolved form. Crystal Right will also remove hardness with no extra treatment.

Ammonia, lead, hydrogen sulphide and copper can also be reduced. The media bed can be sanitised with chlorine from time to time. Regeneration process is the same as a softener and requires regeneration with salt.

Crystal Right has a number of advantages over conventional systems in that pH correction, iron/manganese removal and softening can all be addressed in a single process.

How does it work?
Water flows into the valve at the top, down through the media and then up through the riser tube in the middle of the vessel. As the water travels through the media the iron & manganese are removed leaving crystal clear water.

There are timer options that can be set to automatically to self-clean (backwash) and wash away any of the accumulated iron & manganese. Cleaning can be set for a given time or after a certain amount of water has been used.

DI & Carbon Cylinders

Deionisation Cylinders
Industrial Water Management Ltd supply range of Deionisation (DI) Cylinders complete with mixed bed resin which can be standard or nuclear grade. A cylinder refill service is available and we can supply resin in 25ls bags to allow the client to refill the cylinder.

Mixed bed resin functions by exchanging hydrogen ions for cationic contaminants & hydroxyl ions for anionic contaminants in the feedwater supply.

Feedwater passes through the resin & after a period of time, cations & anions will replace most of the active hydrogen & hydroxyl sites in the resin. Resin capacity to remove ions will have been reached & will need to be replaced.

Carbon Cylinders
Industrial Water Management Ltd supply a range of Carbon Cylinders complete with various types of carbon media depending on application. A cylinder re-fill service is available and we can supply media in 50ls bags to allow the client to refill the cylinder.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters are an excellent choice for removal of chlorine, taste & odour, or organics in water. There are many different variations but most are either coconut coal or wood based. As water travels through the media the contaminants are adsorbed onto the carbon & after a period of time the media will need to be replaced.

UV Systems
UV light is widely used in the disinfection of water & photo-oxidation of organic contaminants to allow removal by ion exchange resin.

UV Systems

UV Systems

UV disinfection units often called ‘UV sterilisers’ or ‘UV filters’ comprise a stainless steel reactor chamber housing, a UV lamp or lamps located inside protective quartz sleeves.

These lamps are tailored to emit UV radiation @254nm which is quite damaging to DNA contained in the cells of the bacteria.

UV damages the DNA chain, stopping the bacteria from reproducing & effectively killing it.

UV radiation @ 185nm is effective for the oxidising organics as it breaks large organic molecules into smaller ionised components which can be removed by high purity deionisation resin to produce ultrapure water with very low TOC levels.

Industrial Water Management Ltd can supply UV systems for disinfection of water, swimming pools, ultrapure water & reduction of TOC.

We can supply replacement parts such as UV lamps & quartz sleeves etc which are used in all makes of UV equipment eg Aquafine, Hanovia, Wedeco, Sterilight, Willand, Trojan & many others.

Filters & Housings
IWM can source a wide range of filtration products from various suppliers. Our products are extensive & includes the following:

Cartridge Filtration

Melt blown range filters consist of 100% polypropylene depth media and are designed for the removal of contaminants from different fluids and applications.

Melt blown cartridge features graded-density and the contaminants are gradually trapped as the fluid travels to the core of the filter. The advantages are high flow rates, low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity & long filter service life.

Pleated cartridge filters are available in absolute rating and have a rigid body constructed from thermally-bonded polypropylene. Absolute pleated filters are available with micro-fibre pleated media or a variety of membrane media. Pleated filters are available in different endcap styles and ratings from 100 to 0.04micron.

Pleated cartridge filters which are nominally rated are available in polypropylene, polyester or pleated glass media. They are suitable for use within filtration applications such as chemical, water treatment, petrochemical, oil field & general process.

Carbon Filtration

Activated carbon filters with a porous media have a strong physical adsorption forces and the highest volume of adsorbing porosity of any material known to mankind.
They are widely applied in healthcare, industrial process and civil use as the most efficient method of removing odours, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC), colours, tastes, & other contaminants from fluids. Click here to download more information

Plastic Housings

Industrial Water Management supplies a complete range of plastic housings for industrial, commercial & domestic application complete with wall mounting brackets, spanners & O-rings. Click here to download more information.

Industrial Housings – Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel filter housings are available in several different styles to provide economy, durability & ease of use. We offer a range of single or multi-round filter vessels manufactured from 304 or 316L stainless steel. Multi-round vessels are available with lid closure/lifting mechanisms. Click here to download more information

Laboratory Water Systems

Industrial Water Management Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of laboratory water purification equipment which includes bench mounted & centralised RODI systems.
Our systems design will depend on clients water quality & usage requirements. We provide 3 types of water quality which are typically used in the laboratory as follows:

  • Type 3 Water – RO Water  < 50uS/cm
  • Type 2 Water – RO/DI Water  > 1MΩ-cm
  • Type 1 Water – UltraPure Water  – 18.2MΩ-cm

Click here for further product information provided by our key supplier.

Laboratory Water Systems

Laboratory Water Systems

Laboratory Water Purification Consumables

Elga Consumables

Industrial Water Management Ltd (IWM) offer a comprehensive range of quality consumables for Elga & Millipore laboratory water purification equipment, from pre-filter cartridges, UV lamps, DI packs & RO membranes. We ensure that you have a supply of consumable products to support your Elga water system at competitive prices.


Please contact us for Millipore consumables availability & pricing.

We offer many equivalent Elga consumables for their water systems and carry other replacements for Elga cartridges or filters that are not listed. Please contact us for more information.


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