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23 Jan 2024 09:24

The In-House Legionella Training Course by Industrial Water Management Ltd (IWM) is a one-day program designed to provide comprehensive education on Legionella awareness, compliance, and risk mitigation. IWM conduct an in-house presentation on Legionella awareness and issue a Certificate of Attendance for each attendee on the day.

The course includes an introductory overview emphasizing the significance of Legionella awareness.

Key points covered in the training include:
1. What is Legionella?: Understanding the nature of Legionella bacteria.
2. Effects of Legionella: Exploring the impact of Legionella on health and safety.
3. Conditions & Factors That Encourage Legionella Growth: Identifying environments conducive to Legionella proliferation.
4. Who is most at Risk: Recognizing vulnerable individuals and groups.
5. Legal Requirements: Understanding and complying with relevant regulations.

The course also delves into Control & Prevention strategies, covering:
– Strategies for Control: Implementing measures to manage Legionella.
– Preventive Measures: Taking proactive steps to prevent Legionella contamination.

Consequences of inadequate Legionella management are discussed, including health impacts, legal risks, and reputational consequences.
Certificates of Attendance are issued to participants on the day, emphasizing the importance of compliance.

The course aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for effective Legionella control and prevention.

For inquiries and bookings, interested parties can contact Conor Sands at IWM via phone at +(353) 86 046 4600 or through email at The cost of the in-house Legionella training course is available upon request. This option provides a convenient and tailored way for individuals within a company to receive essential Legionella training.

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