IWM Recommissioning Programme

29 Oct 2021 00:12

Over the last year some of your facilities may have been underused or not used at all. With the expected increase in economic activity in the coming months there’s a larger risk of a legionella outbreak on your premises if you haven’t been maintaining your water systems during the pandemic.


According to the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases:

“Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia which is caused by the growth of Legionella in building water systems which are not adequately managed.”

Yes, it’s a nasty disease but our Recommissioning Programme guarantees that your customers are safe and that your buildings and business will be fit for purpose as Ireland reopens.

Benefits of IWM’s Recommissioning Programme

By adopting our recommissioning programme you are:

  1. Ensuring that your water is safe
  2. Guaranteeing that your buildings are ready for use as society and the economy reopens over the coming months
  3. Have peace of mind that you customers and staff are operating in a safe environment
  4. Complying with HSE and HSA regulations and guidelines.

What’s involved?

We can carry out recommissioning foundation work on up to ten buildings in one day if necessary. When we visit your site, we will do the following:

1.     Water System Disinfection
We will disinfect the entire building’s water system. This will include MWBT(s), drinking outlets, CWST(s) and all associated hot and cold water outlets.*
*Disinfection applies to all outlets fed from water tanks only.

2.     Risk Survey/Assessment Review
We will conduct a risk survey of the building. Any issues that we identify will be highlighted in the subsequent Building Survey Report. These will determine whether the building meets a Low, Medium or High risk rating.

3.     Post Disinfection Sampling
We will take four sample immediately after the water system disinfection to determine if the system has any other issues. We will report on these samples in the Building Survey Report.


The Building Recommission Report

After we carry out the foundation work, we will issue a Building Recommission Report within four days. The report will certify that the building is safe and ready for use. It will include the following details:

  1. Building Risk Rating
  2. A Certificate of Disinfection
  3. Water Sample Results and Recommendations
  4. Site-specific instructions and guidance to ensure that you continue to maintain the quality of your water systems post recommissioning work
  5. Instructions to ensure that you continue to be compliant with national and European regulations and guidelines.


Next Steps

If you’d like to find out more, please contact Paul McGuigan, our Operations Manager, on:

Mobile: 086 011 5460
Email: pmg@iwm.ie