IWM Copper Silver Ionisation Units

28 Sep 2023 16:22

Copper Silver Ionisation

Copper Silver Ionisation is a disinfection process, primarily used to control pathogens in water such as Legionella.

Copper Silver technology is recognised by the World Health Organisation, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), UK Health & Safety Executive HSG274 Part 2 – The control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold-water system within potable water distribution covering hospitals, hotels, residential/commercial buildings.

It can be used in many other areas such as irrigation and cooling towers, by using a non-chemical water treatment technology which is regarded as the most effective prevention and remediation solution for not only for Sessile and Planktonic organisms but also eliminating the build-up of Biofilm in Pipework.

Our Copper Silver systems are regulated in conjunction with high accuracy ultrasonic water meters ensuring proper and controlled dosing at all times.

Mass of the electrodes must be large enough to handle the total volume of water to be treated and current must also be adequate to cater for the volume of water to be treated and adhering to the IEC 1201 regulations which limits the amount of voltage applied to water or wet environments and not to exceed a maximum of 35 Volts DC.

Electrode sizing should be based around the facilities water usages taking into consideration the levels of dosing to ascertain a like for like comparison.

Total surface area of electrodes maximises the current density, the larger the total surface area the greater level ionisation will take place within the flow Cell. Equipment must be sized correctly based on 100% inline installation and be large enough to dose the total flowing water.

Once Ionisation of the Copper and Silver electrodes has taken place these will remain active in the system until they come in contact with any Legionella within the network, if there is zero Legionella in the system then the ions will remain for a very lengthy period unlike other technologies such as Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide which will not only gas off at higher temperatures.

Flow Cells for all volumes – All Water Treated – NOT side stream flows.

Small Cell Unit/NT LC1K

Medium Cell Unit/NT LC8K

Large Cell Unit/NT LC16K