IWM conduct a thorough clean and disinfection of Cold Water Storage Tank (CWST)

29 Feb 2024 16:38

Last week, engineers from IWM (Industrial Water Management Ltd) were on-site to conduct a thorough clean and disinfection of our clients Cold Water Storage Tank (CWST).

Following on from IWM’s recommendation as part of this process, the hollow tube supports within the tank are being removed. These supports, while initially serving their purpose can become a breeding ground for waterborne bacteria. The water within the hollow tubes may become stagnant as this provides an ideal environment for bacterial growth, posing potential health risks.

In place of these hollow tube supports, we will be installing solid struts. By replacing the hollow tubes with solid struts, we aim to eliminate the conditions that promote bacterial proliferation, ensuring that our clients CWST meets regulatory compliance standard HSG 274 Part 2.

Through proactive measures such as this, we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our client and their visitors.

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Hollow tube supports removed

Solid struts installed