IWM completes PROPHET (Predictive Role Profiling for High-Performing Executive Teams) with Lambay Professional

12 Apr 2024 15:33

IWM is thrilled to announce its successful collaboration with Dara Lawlor in implementing PROPHET (Predictive Role Profiling for High-Performing Executive Teams). This tool is specifically designed to assess personal motivation and decision-making styles within executive roles throughout the business cycle.

This partnership marks a significant advancement in our commitment to organizational development. Leveraging Dara Lawlor’s expertise, we have fine-tuned the implementation process to ensure it meets the nuanced needs of our executive team. By integrating Dara Lawlor’s insights, we are confident that our approach will provide actionable insights to enhance decision-making and drive performance at every stage of the business cycle.

This investment in our team’s development underscores our dedication to fostering a culture of continuous growth and excellence within IWM.

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